2015 Houston Marathon

Before I get any further, I feel like I should re-introduce myself: I’m Craig Leon, the owner and operator of this here website. I run for Mizuno and am a member of Team Run Eugene, which is coached by Ian Dobson.

It’s been a few moons since I’ve last updated this tiny space of the interweb. I can blame the lack of updates from mid-October until early December on the fact that I managed to somehow forget my login information to the new website. The last 6 weeks, though? Those are completely on me.

Mallorca, Spain.

Mallorca, Spain.

Actually…it’s all on me.  Onward.

My 2014 season ended a lot like 2012 – with a so-so performance at the Chicago Marathon. Ending your season in mid-October on that kind of note is a little disheartening because your next potential racing opportunity seems so far away. The only way to truly put a bad race behind you is to replace that memory with a good one. I did a lot of thinking about “what’s next” in the weeks after Chicago. During that time I took post-marathon trip to Spain and France and turned 30.  Both life events cause you to do some thinking – lots of thinking.  Ultimately, I decided the best way forward was to try and duplicate how I started my 2013 season, and best year: by building some confidence with a solid marathon performance that I can be excited about. So Sunday I’ll hop back into racing at the Houston Marathon.

Because of the tight turnaround window between Chicago and Houston, my marathon buildup has been a little different than what I’ve done for the past few years. Unlike a normal 10-12 week cycle, I really only did marathon specific volume or workouts for 7 weeks. I’m hoping to rely on the volume of work that I put in this past summer and fall getting ready for Chicago. The 140-150 mile weeks were replaced with weeks of 120 miles starting about 6 weeks after Chicago. I managed to get myself back into shape pretty quickly after some down time at the end of October by spending a lot of time doing longer, unstructured progressive runs – something I haven’t done in a while. Learning to run on feel and effort again versus always striving for a certain pace was something that I really enjoyed about this training cycle.

Where does that leave me for Sunday? That’s a good question. Without having done a tune-up race or any real benchmark workouts, I don’t have as clear an idea of what I’m capable of running as I normally would. But that is kind of what I had in mind when I decided to run Houston. It was how I approached the Mississippi Blues Marathon in January of 2013. I went into that race undertrained, just looking for a bounce-back performance and wound up unexpectedly winning with a 2:16. I don’t have aspirations of winning on Sunday – Houston is a much more competitive race than the one in Mississippi – but I do expect to run a faster time. And that would be a great way to kick off my 2015 campaign.




Information on how to watch or follow the race is below.

Live Searchable Results & Map Tracking

    Follow your runner(s) during the race by tracking their progress in real time as they move along the course with live, up-to-the-minute race results and an interactive map at chevronhoustonmarathon.com.


    Not in Houston? Log on to abclocal.go.com/ktrk to watch the show live from 7 – 10 a.m.

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      simple, sweet, totally Craig — go get ‘em and have some fun at the same time — look for joy, it is there waiting for you – might not be in a victory or a kick-ass time, but it is there – and you deserve it. Love you, my friend.


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      I’d say you did that today; excellent running out there. I hope it was the confidence booster you hoped for. Houston delivered you perfect weather at least!


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