5 weeks out: adding specificity to the mix

With just over 4 weeks remaining until next month’s Boston Marathon, this past week of training, along with the next two weeks, are the most critical weeks of my buildup.  We are still far enough outside of the race day window to complete some specific marathon sessions, so that was the focus of this week’s training.  It will end up as my second highest mileage week of the training block, with the idea of completing long workouts on some tired legs.

After last weekend’s race, and cross-country travel, I spent the first few days of the week with some easy miles to make sure I was recovered and ready for the big workouts at the tail end of the week.  Thanks to some unseasonably sunny and nice weather here in Eugene this week, the recovery was quick.  I never thought I would see an entire week of sunshine in Eugene during the month of March!  My workouts this week began on Wednesday with some hill repeats on the Hendricks Park loop.  It was a short bridge workout to Friday’s session: an 18-mile run with a set of 1000m repeats from during miles 8-13.

But the week was built around this morning’s long run/workout.  Last weekend’s race was a good indicator of fitness and I felt like I was one or two specific marathon workout’s away from putting myself in a really good position to compete well on April 21st.  I knocked out the first of these two workouts this morning (the next one will come next weekend).  The 24 mile course began with 14 hilly miles, including a hard and steady 3-mile hill climb (over 800 of net elevation gain) from miles 2-5.  The focus of the last 10 miles shifted to the kind of grind-it-out, marathon training that I like 4-5 weeks out from a goal race.  I ran miles 14-16 and miles 21-24 at marathon pace or faster in order to work on running hard on tired legs.

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 11.13.41 AM

A look at this morning’s 24-mile long run/workout.

The workout was exactly what I needed.  Sure, I ran 28-miles the other week, but that goal of that run was to stress a completely different system than what was accomplished today.  I know after today’s workout that I am where I need, and want, to be with 29 days to go: healthy, fit, and energized.  It’s workouts like today, and weeks like this week, that get me excited for the possibility of running fast on race day!

Below is an overview of this week’s training.  2 more real weeks to go, then I’ll start to back things off a bit.

3/17-23 AM PM Total
Monday 45 mins S&C; 12 miles 7 miles 19
Tuesday 13 miles w/ 8 x :30 sec striders miles 9-12. 7 miles 20
Wednesday 4 mile warmup. 8 x Hendricks Hill Loop. 6 x 150m striders. 4 mile cooldown. 13 miles total. 6 miles 19
Thursday 45 mins S&C; 12 miles 7 miles 19
Friday 8 mile run @ 5:50 pace. Miles 8-13 = 8 x 1k, :45 secs rest. 5 mile run @ 5:50 pace. 18 miles total. 6 miles 24
Saturday 12 miles 5 miles 17
Sunday 24 miles. Miles 2-5 hill climb. Miles 14-16, 21-24 @ marathon pace. 24

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    Tony Mollica


    You are going to Rock Boston! Have fun!!


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    Jim Covey


    Sounds like you really have it focused Craig. We’ll be watching the progress.
    Jim and Ruth Ann


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