Bridge week: In training and racing (US 15k course)

After putting in some big mileage last week, the plan for this week was to take it a little easier.  When Ian and I sketch out a marathon training plan, neither of us like to have more than 2-3 hard weeks in a row.  The quality and quantity of the last 5 weeks have been very good, so we removed one of the stimuli (quantity) for this week and next week as a bit of recharge before making a strong push for home after next Saturday’s US 15k Championships.

Since the mileage was lower for this week, the focus was squarely on two quality hard sessions.  The Tuesday workout – Hendrick’s Hill repeats – consisted of a continuous hilly loop in the park above campus.  The entire loop takes me anywhere from 3-minutes to 3-minutes, 10 seconds to complete.  I averaged 3:04 for the 10 loops, which is one of the quicker hill sessions for me; last month, I did 8 repeats at a slower pace.  I like doing this workout during the Boston buildup because it’s something I can lean on when running through the Newton hills on race day.

Saturday’s workout was a bit of introduction to what the focus of the workouts will be over the next 6 weeks: specific marathon sessions.  The workout was 8-miles at marathon pace, a 2-min rest, then 1 mile hard.  I usually struggle with the fast mile to end this workout, but the pace-change wasn’t as bad as I remembered.  I’m no different than anyone else – there are still workouts, or parts of workouts, that scare me!

I’m heading to Jacksonville, Florida on Wednesday this week for the largest 15k in the United States.  Over 17,000 runners are anxiously looking forward to tackling one of the toughest last 2 miles of any course – there’s a nasty bridge that can turn a good race crappy in a heartbeat.  The US 15k Championships is one of my favorite races on the circuit and I’m excited to gauge my fitness to past years.  Here’s to some sunshine and warm weather!

3/3-9 AM PM Total
Monday 45 mins S&C; 10 miles 6 miles 16
Tuesday 3.5 mile warmup. 10 x Hendricks Hill Loop (30:40). 6 x 100m hill sprints. 4 mile cooldown. 13 miles total. 6 miles 19
Wednesday 12 miles 12
Thursday 45 mins S&C; 10 miles 5 miles easy. 8 x 200m. 1 mile easy. 7 miles total. 17
Friday 10 miles 10
Saturday 4 mile warmup. 8 mile tempo. 2 min rest. 1 mile hard. 4 mile cooldown. 17 miles total. 17
Sunday 18 miles 8 miles 26

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