Marking my calendar…

1 year.  12 months.  365 days.

For many, January 14th, 2012 has little significance.  After all, there isn’t much about a middle-of-January, random Saturday, that appeals to most people – you northerners know what I’m talking about.  However, in the world of running, today officially marks the one-year countdown to the US Olympic Marathon Trials.  Which means, that a year from now I will be in Houston, Texas, competing against the best distance runners in the United States.  It’s a race that every competitive runner has thought about at some point during his/her running career.  After all, who wouldn’t want a chance to run in the Olympic Trials?  It’s an incredible opportunity.

One of the questions that I often get asked is: “what do you think about when you run?”  I guess you could say that qualifying for the Olympic Trials has been something I’ve thought about a time or two during long runs or hard workouts, although I am pretty sure I’ve never given that response to anyone who has asked.  Growing up, I had a wild imagination, especially when it came to sports.  It would be impossible to count how many times I’ve made (and missed) the game winning shot in the NBA Finals in my basement on South Avenue or how many times I drained a putt to win the Master’s or hit a walk off homer to finally give the Cubs that coveted World Series championship.  Next year will be my first chance to compete at an Olympic Trials event, but in my mind, I’ve run that race countless times.  To some extent, my childhood imagination has never quite left me and it’s certainly one of the reasons why I know what I’ll be doing a year from now.

In a conversation with a close friend (and former teammate of mine) last night, he suggested that I start a blog to document my year-long build up to the race.  So, for better or for worse, I will be making regular (well, hopefully regular) musings about what is happening in my training and in my life as I gear up for the marathon OT next January.  I’m still not sure I’ve been able to completely wrap my mind around the fact that I get to be one of those few people realizing a dream that seemed at one point so impossible, but I am excited for the journey that will unfold over the next twelve months.

In closing, my upcoming weekend will, fittingly, revolve around running.  Tonight I am going to make the drive up to Kent State in preparation for my 5k race tomorrow morning, but prior to that I plan on making a pit stop at Marietta to watch some of the OU guys compete in their first indoor meet of the year.  Tomorrow’s 5k will be the last race of my preparation for the US Half Marathon Championships in 2 weeks (more on that to come).

Hopefully you have enjoyed the first edition and you’ll check back in on me.  I’m still developing and building the website, so I promise more features in the near future. Godspeed!

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