Stirring from the summer slumber

Hibernating is usually something reserved for the dreary months of December, January, and February.  But with a calendar void of any race results for the past 8 weeks, I feel like I have been in a summer racing hibernation of sorts.  With the unofficial end of summer coming this weekend, 2013 will go into the books as the least amount of summer road racing I’ve done in over a decade.  Instead of criss-crossing the country, racing every other weekend, I’ve spent the summer laying the groundwork for October’s Chicago marathon, while also managing to enjoy the easy lifestyle that embodies summers in Oregon.  Two months away from the road circuit has left me itching to get back to competing against someone other than myself.  Seriously, I just need to hear the sound of a pistol!

For now though, that sound will have to wait a few more days.  I’ll be back in New Haven, CT on Monday for the annual US 20k national championships – year #3 for me.  The hope is to build off of my good showing at the US half marathon championships in June.  But the main goal for this weekend, and the Rock n Roll Philly half marathon in two weeks, is to get my racing legs under me for Chicago.  I’ve learned that you can pound away at workout after workout, but those efforts will never replace the necessary hardening racing provides.  July and August were great; probably the best two months of training, both quality and quantity, of my life.  Now it’s September, which means it’s time to begin the process of sharpening the blade.  These next 6 weeks, that’s the fun stuff!

Look for a post-race recap early next week, along with more frequent updates over the next 6 weeks as Chicago draws nearer (the website will also be back from its summer hibernation!).  I’m excited about what lies ahead these next few weeks and I hope to be able to share as much of it with you as possible.

If you are wondering what I have been up to these past few months, know that I did manage to have a little fun between all the training runs this summer.  Below is a little photo montage from some of my West coast summer adventures.  Did I mention I love what I do?  Until next time, keep finding ways to do what you love to do!


Field passes for A’s-Red Sox, courtesy Mizuno.


Hike to top of Mount Pisgah for sunset, full moon.


Hike to top of Mount Pisgah for sunset, full moon.


Many a visit to Detering Orchards for some of that fresh, homegrown Oregon fruit.


Afternoon in Oregon wine country.


Crater Lake!


Climbing stuff: some things you just never grow out of.


Crater Lake. Just another West coast wonder.


Making new friends.


Eat and be happy.


Sunset over the mountains.


Sunset at Crater Lake lookout.


Local Scandinavian festival. Two words: Abel Skivers! Google it.


My first professional soccer game. They take this stuff seriously.


Dexter Lake. Home of gravel road long runs with beautiful views.


Eat and be happy.


Willamette Country Music Fest.


Always make time for a recovery nap.

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    I love reading your reports. Best of luck as you run in New Haven on Labor Day weekend. I will be in Boston cheering on my first place Red Sox!

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      Mr. Al! I owe you a long overdue phone call. Expect to hear from me this week. Your Red Sox are looking good.


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