Before start running for the first time

Running is a fashion that started in the 70’s and nowadays is on the rise. It’s a real fever, perhaps for ease after all; Just have a pair of sneakers.

Others believe that running is a natural thing that requires no practice or skill, has a high energy expenditure and is therefore very good for losing weight.

In fact, running is considered a “natural” sport, bringing many benefits not only related to cardio-respiratory conditioning and weight loss, but also to the maintenance of bone mass, mood improvement and others.

Contrary to popular belief, however, it is not anyone who can put on running shoes and running, cross-country running is an arduous sport that demands a lot from the cardio-respiratory, deconditioned, overweight person who runs down without consulting a doctor and a physical educator run a potential cardiac risk.

In addition, orthopedic problems are more common in those who run without guidance. Running can also lead to dehydration, nausea, dizziness, and accelerate problems with heat stroke.

To avoid such risks it is essential to consult a doctor and a physical education professional before starting to run. As natural as it is, street racing is a sport that causes great stress on the body. If it is prepared all the benefits of the race can be enjoyed. This is my running story.

Taking care of the running is one of the most practical and easy sports to do, anywhere and anytime, just have a proper pair of sneakers, enjoy good health, hydrate and run!

Anyway, here’s what we learned when we started running.

Don’t run in your sneakers . Or slippers. Or boots

Ok, you don’t need the most expensive, new or advanced-tech running shoes in the world to start running, but that doesn’t mean you can just run that way. Please, you can try to run your first three miles in slabs, but you have a “chance” of crashing so hard that he will cry as soon as you hear the word “run”, I am not saying to start doing it again new…

Basically, any shoe that does not fall into the “running shoes” category is not recommended for running. It doesn’t matter that you have some “soft running shoes”, the idea is to buy a pair of running shoes that are suitable because they are designed to protect your feet with everything they mean (muscles, joints, bones).

Even the most accessible running shoes on the market are better than some “sneakers” or “sneakers”. The easiest thing is to go to a specialized sports shop and ask for a seller’s advice. Further, depending on the tread surface you will be able to buy more pairs, as you progress it will be good to do a pronation test, to see what kind of sole is best for your health, and , in the end, you will see that this work with running shoes is so complex and has so many aspects that you will end up loving it.

Take it easy. The only person running for you is you

You would tell a person who starts to run and wants to become better and better take it slow, don’t rush is as if you would let me go on a car circuit and tell me “go like- n city ”.

Even if I am a slow driver, I would still be upset. The point is to understand that once you start running and you get to love your job, the workouts will only make you an increasingly good runner.

There may be ceilings, but up there is a much longer road than your longest run. Do not rush. Persevere. Do not give up, if you feel that it is difficult or you can no longer, calm down and persevere. The chaos, the indecision and the fear of failure do not help anything in running, but not in life.

Proper mental behavior in your running will make you a better man and in life, because it will educate you positively. If someone tells you that you are not yet a good runner because you did not know what your performance is or that you are not at a certain time per minute per kilometer, ignore it.

You are a runner from the moment you decided to do this, from the first kilometer running with the thought that you want to do this and still. But be careful: do not confuse the positive attitude you will feel after you have completed your proposed runs with the furious euphoria.

This can make you train too hard, force you to give up, and this can lead to injury. It would be best to start running one day, then take a day off, then continue at this pace for one day, yes no.

Overtraining is dangerous for both professional athletes and, if not more dangerous, for beginners. Try talking to an athletic trainer or an athlete, he can give you extremely valuable tips.

The distances are actually cute little monsters that won’t hurt you

Here, the most important advice I can give you is not to think that you still have to travel X kilometers, but that you have already traveled Y kilometers. Positive attitude is everything and can help you enormously in completing the race or the training goal.

You will notice that if you feel tired for one reason or another after three kilometers in a 10 km race and you will say “hello, I have to run three more times as I have run so far”, this will negatively affect you both mentally and especially physically. If, instead, you tell him “here, how well / u bad / correctly I ran these three kilometers from which I just passed”, you will see that this will motivate you decisively.

If you have just started running and you plan to run five kilometers, it does not matter that you feel it is good to stop after three. Maybe your body really can. Do not take this as a defeat, rejoice that you ran three kilometers, and a week before you did not even climb two floors of stairs. Gather up, accept that you have a solid start, and prepare a proper training program that will lead you to your five kilometer goal as efficiently as possible.

Don’t ignore the power of music

Again, this is a valid thing in everyday life. A good song in her time makes two sessions of psychoanalysis. Not in vain do many running applications that include the possibility of selecting the music to listen to during the monitoring of the run lets you choose a “power track”.

This is the piece that you consider the best motivationally and you can “inject” it into the system at the push of a button, to help you continue as strong as possible.

There are endless many lists of songs created by people who run and put on the Internet, but it would be best to make one of your own. Maybe it motivates you how the Parasites swear, maybe Fuego’s voice gives you extra speed or maybe “Free at sea” will help you get past five runners in front … anyway, just be you know the songs that can do you good.

But be careful, if you run in an urban environment you do not mind the volume, surely you want to hear a horn, something that could ultimately save your life. Some people think that during long races where many people participate, it would be good not to listen to music, but to talk to other runners.

Take care of your body. It just helps you run

You will notice that after you start running, your body will react to your new lifestyle and will indirectly “ask” you to take more care of it. From the subconscious you will take care of nutrition and you will become better aware that sleep helps you decisively in restoring the muscles.

Nutrition is one of the most important and vital pillars of a runner’s life. We will also deal extensively with what it means to be a proper nutritionist for a runner and so you will find out everything you need to know in order for your will to be helped also by scientific or medical factors. Until then, don’t forget: a balanced diet, combined with rest and smart workouts, will help you achieve the performance you want in your new athletic life faster.

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