How to Prepare for a Running Race

If you are planning to take a road race soon, be it a marathon, semi-marathon, pole vault or folk race, it is advisable to consider some essential tips.

Choose your competition and the race you want to participate in.

Even if it is a quieter period from this point of view, you will surely find something that suits you. For example, on January 26, 2019, Semarathon Gerar is scheduled.

Train 2-3 times a week.

Even if you opt for a 21-kilometer race or a short one, under 5 kilometers, you must be able to run that distance the day before the competition itself.

To do this, you need regular training. You can start with a 20-minute session, in which you alternate 60 seconds of running with 90 seconds of walking. After that, you can gradually increase the intensity of your workouts.

Get hydrated, eat healthy and get enough sleep.

During sleep, the muscles relax and recover, and the resistance to exertion will increase.

A few days before the competition, he consumes more foods high in carbohydrates: bread, biscuits, muffins, jam, fruit, cereal sticks. On race day, be sure to leave at least one hour between breakfast and start. Do not eat or drink anything new before or during a contest.

Motivation is very important.

Especially since you will have times when it will be difficult for you and you will want to give up. Choose a cause to run, and difficult workouts will be easier to bear, and the time you reach the finish line will be even greater, because your effort will help other people.

Wears running shoes and quality running socks

Choose the lightest shoes and change them once you’ve run 600-800 miles with them. Carefully choose your running socks. For example, you certainly do not want to choose them with basins during a race. The clothes must be made of special materials, which absorb perspiration and dry easily.

Don’t overdo it, because you risk getting hurt.

If you are tired, take breaks during your workouts. Remember, when you run, you should be able to speak normally. If you can’t do that, it means you have a faster pace than your physical condition.

Download an application for your mobile phone that will assist you in your workouts.

They can monitor your speed, distance traveled, calories burned, route and more. The most popular such applications are Runkeeper, Pacer, Nike +

Running or Couch to 5K.

Whatever race you choose, be patient, keep your optimism and good mood, enjoy the sport, the company of friends, and the successes will not be delayed.

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