Is running only on Weekends Enough?

You may have heard of the famous weekend athletes. The term may not be familiar to you, but you should probably meet someone like this, who goes out to do some physical activity only on their breaks, often once a week, and ends up overdose at many times.

Running, or performing any other physical activity, sporadically is quite risky, as it can hit the body directly, because it does not have strong physical resistance yet.

“Running once a week is not recommended, as the body will have no benefit from the practice, it will only be more likely to suffer from injury.

The main recurrent problems of sporadic practice are possible bruises, which tend to affect the muscles, tendons, joints and meniscus.

However, they often have more appearances in people who do these exercises at high intensity, which for single-day athletes is a potential form of injury.

“Often the problem is not running once a week, but the way it is done. Discounting lost days into one only increases the risk of injury as it will not improve the athlete’s performance or aesthetics at all.

Sedentary lifestyle or sporadic exercise

Which is better, running only once a week or never training? Among professionals the opinion is unanimous: it is better to run. However, not exaggeratedly, as is the case with the large number of weekend runners.

“If the athlete can only run once a week, then the activity should be done with the guidance of a professional, who will advise you well and will not let some ‘damage’ happen,”.

However, to really benefit from physical activity, the athlete would have to sacrifice a little more of his time by training three times a week, or alternating days, performing at least 15 minutes of sports a day, enough time for a lifetime. healthy according to WHO (World Health Organization).

Adding more time to sports, the athlete will also receive an improvement in aesthetics, such as weight loss and muscle strengthening and definition. Check out the best time to train by clicking here.

But if time still remains short, Ricardo Arap gives tips on how to do some exercises during daily tasks, without damaging the schedule.

You can start doing the so-called alternative training, such as walking somewhere on the way to work or leaving the elevator aside and start climbing or just going down the stairs, because everything goes for a healthier life.

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